Freeman only has himself to blame
In the long run, Josh Freeman’s demise was his own doing, not Schiano’s.

Change has been made, and it was welcomed by everyone in the Tampa Bay area (except for one household of course) and world wide as news of the firing of Greg Schiano took place. Caught in the mix was the letting go of Mark Dominik whose 19 seasons of service to the Bucs started in Sam Wyche’s last season as a Bucs coach.

Dominik was starting to get it, and his drafts were getting better, as seen by the amount of players this year and last who are contributing to the Bucs. But lost in there with Doug Martin is Derrick Ward. Getting Vincent Jackson in Free Agency was great, but countered by the memory of Michael Clayton.

Then there is the elephant in the room, the guy who may be at the heart of the Bucs demise, Josh Freeman. There is no doubt Freeman had the talent to win at the NFL level in the Tampa. But Freeman was not your typical QB, his style was different.

Freeman was a cool, laid back guy who put his time in to study football, but equally put time in to enjoy life. It was a great mix with Raheem Morris who patted Freeman on the back to no end. FIVE he was referred to, I still remember the day in the UK against the Patriots when Morris got off the phone with Dominik and pulled all five digits out of his fist to say “Were going with FIVE”. Five was No.5, the franchise, the guy who was going to lead the Bucs for the next decade or longer.

But Morris’s departure as a player friendly coach was met with the exact opposite in Greg Schiano, and maybe too much so. Not enough scenarios were played out when the coaching hire was made. A cool and laid back QB is not the kind of player to fit Schiano’s mold of what a leader should be.

No one truly knows what words were ever exchanged between Josh and coach Schiano. Were they ugly? Were they any different than what other coaches have with their QBs? …especially when trying to incite a little toughness in a guy? It didn’t work, because Freeman spiraled. He missed his own camp, he missed the breakfast on opening day, then missed the bus too. He sounded completely incoherent in his on air interview on 620 WDAE. Rumors of Drink and Drug abuse were all around, and Freeman’s own teammates could not find it amongst themselves to vote him a team captain.

In the end, the result is simple: Greg Schiano broke Josh Freeman. He is a shell of his former self, unable to even break in as a backup in Minnesota. The big picture is this; if Greg Schiano broke Josh Freeman, something else would have too. It takes a great deal of mental toughness to be a winning QB in the NFL.

Whether it was an overlook by Dominik or Morris when Freeman was drafted, traded up even to draft back in 2009, and there is a very good chance that was a deciding factor for the Glazers in their actions with Dominik, the man who drafted players in his first season only a mere 5 years ago, where not one soul exists at One Buc from.