Bucs have the players but not the coaches
The Seattle game showed why the Bucs have the players to be competitive in the NFL. What they lack is the coach; each game the Bucs get outcoached in the second half of games.

I do not believe that Mike Glennon will be a franchise type QB, but there is no doubt he is a serviceable QB which the Bucs should hold on to for a solid backup that is capable of winning games for your in a pinch. He gets better every game, but you have to look harder at the numbers to see he is not , nor ever going to be, a Peyton Manning or Drew Brees. He cannot complete a pass over 20 yards, which is fine in some systems, in some eras, just not this one. This is the age of the QB, and the Bucs will be in a spot to finally pick up a gem.

Running Back Mike James runs with power and smarts. Next year, there is no reason not to see the Bucs give James some carries to spell Doug Martin, and form a true one two punch running attack.

The Bucs may have found themselves a pass catching menace of a tight end. Tim Wright is a slow, big wide receiver that was converted to tight end, and he has amazing hands that grab onto everything thrown his way. With 16 games of experience behind him, the Bucs could have an excellent option there for seasons to come. His blocking is his weakness, which is why you hear the Bucs bring in help sometimes.

The Bucs have found another guard, Jamon Meredith, to help in the running game. Meredith was involved in the line last year when Martin went on his tear. Why he wasnít in the plan this year is probably another Schiano power move. Inserted in the Seattle game, the Bucs ran the ball with authority. Did you know Bucs rookie running back Mike James ran for 158 yards against one of the best defenses in the league? Did you know this was his first 100-yard game since high school?

Davin Joseph may be returning to form, and it should be worth mentioning, that Bucs rookie Johnthan Banks struggles sometimes, but he is one of the players with MRSA who MUST be affected by the ultra power drugs required to kill that bacteria. The Bucs have a nice fullback that can really block. Erik Lorig is simply one of the most skilled blocking fullbacks the Bucs have ever had. He is quietly dominating for the Bucs.

It is also further evidence to support that the Bucs should consider carefully the future of GM Mark Dominik, who is responsible for finding these players. Dominik is not without blame of any kind, but as an example, Donald Penn was celebrating his 100th career start, Dominick found him on the Minnesota practice squad back in 2007. Personnel mistakes have been made, thatís for sure, but once players are found, itís the coaches who are responsible for getting the value out of that man