Stop me if you've heard this story before. The Bucs have a new coach, last year's team was horrible, one of the worst in team history, and the Bucs hired a new coach who was successful at turning a program around before.

He's used to working with college guys, and the Bucs have a young roster, so it should be a perfect match.

The new coach believes in discipline, and the team is responding to it. The Bucs are in better shape because the new coach is a big believer in conditioning. The new coach was Ray Perkins, the year 1987, and four seasons later the Bucs were looking for a new NEW Coach.

No, I'm not comparing Greg Schiano to Perkins. The NFL has pretty much made two-a-days gone the way of the Dodo, three-a-days that Perkins ran are even more extinct.

The Bucs would do well in those days in pre-season, and several times had winning records going into October. Problem was they were in mid-season form in September, but by the time December came around, they were in triage. Or traction!

Speaking of which, these Bucs are really hitting the road running. There is an air of accountability on this football team, a group of guys who jog to the water cooler, who are learning how NOT to cut corners. How many times have we heard that a guy didnt even know what to do last year, now every receiver and back is holding the ball 'high and tight'.

Uniformity, conformity, players are faced with the task of choosing to either do it Schiano's way, or hit the road, turn in your ipad. Remember the rave on how the Bucs were those Apple devices as their playbooks? Great idea, but now its coming out that last year too many players forgot to even charge their iPads up.

A simple task, that was failed, makes you wonder how many other football tasks were failed behind closed doors. Thats the kind of culture that gives you the second half of the Jaguars game, or 42 points given up in a quarter and a half from the Falcons game.

Accountability: Its the word of the month at One Buc Place.