What Next for the Bucs?
You watch the playoff games, remembering the days when we used to get excited about how far we would go ourselves; Unless of course your part of the older generation (ahh the dirty Old word) where you always watched the playoffs and never even thought about the Bucs being in there. The words Bucs and playoffs didnít belong in the same sentence!

Times have changed though, and the Bucs have an owner that wont let the team remain uncompetitive for long like the previous ownership did.

So what happens next? Here are some key dates and events for the Bucs and the rest of the guys from the frat party known as the NFL.

Thatís right, this year, the Pro Bowl will happen BEFORE the Super Bowl, and in the same host city. So no more easy leys for the players (cheap, I know)! The Pro Bowl will be Jan 31st with the Big game on February 7th. As a rule, participants of the Super Bowl will not be allowed to play in the Pro Bowl, thus turning the Pro Bowl into a Consolation bowl.

Indianapolis, Indiana is the annual site for this college spectacular bonanza, where most of the big name collegiate players eligible for the NFL draft participate in the various drills. In the stands, you donít see fans, you see the coaches of all the teams in the league looking on.

Starting March 5th, every team in the NFL becomes 0-0. This is the first day of the Free Agency period, and checkbooks will be flying, as there is no cap on the salary this season. There is also no bottom, so some owners will be out to lunch on the 5th, letting others do the wheeling and dealing. Hopefully, ours will be on the right side of this scale.

March 21-24 in Orlando, Florida. Here is where any new rules are usually talked about, approved, suggested, and explained. This starts the quietest month in the NFL. The last month before the Ö..

April 22-24 in New York City, New York. -Finally the NFL Draft has turned into a prime time event, spread out over 3 days and moved to later in the day where everyone can/will watch it. The first round will be a first day affair, starting on a Thursday night at 7:30 PM Est. From now on, expect the draft to become the premier sports telecast of the year right behind the actual Super Bowl itself.

And just in case you havnít had enough, the NFL will get together for the Spring Meeting on May 24th-26th in Dallas, Texas, where we will see Jerry Jones for the umpteenth time in 2010.