What a difference a few months can make
Now back from my hiatus after over celebrating my 2nd place finish in the writers poll on Bucpower.com, I'm ready to return to the ‘net-waves’ and back to business!

The events of the last month have left a lot of Bucs fans scratching their heads, but not in the “I don’t know what the heck they are doing” way. More like ‘getting so excited I cant wait for the pot to boil’ after the Bucs spent money like a drunken sailor on furlough in this 2012 free agency.

Only it’s Raheem Morris who is suffering the hangover. I could just hear him now. “Oh the Bucs got three premier players in free agency? How nice”.

But credit the Glazers for admitting their mistakes. They shortchanged their coach, and they did the same so us diehard Bucs fans, by going with their ‘all young’ approach that went farther to the extreme than any other franchise ever attempted.

For one season, it worked. Everyone here knows my affinity for Coach Morris, but the truth is had he returned, even with these free agents, Its doubtful the Bucs would have turned things around from last year.

So lets take a look at the changes shall we? Lets see how the Bucs improved since that 42 point first half joke in Dirty Bird country.

HEAD COACH GREG SCHIANO- B+ He wasn’t their no.1 guy, but not that it matters. Neither was Tony Dungy, neither was Jon Gruden. Those two took the franchise to places its never soared before. Schiano has experience waking the dead. He wont find the Bucs like Rutgers at all.

BUTCH DAVIS- A The hiring of Butch Davis even as an advisor does wonders for the overall state of the defense. Think of the UM defense of the early 2000’s, and that’s what you have here now. Few people have evaluated talent on the defensive side as good as Butch. He’s a Buc now.

VINCENT JACKSON- A- The minus is for his sporadic output last year, and I should know as I had him on my fantasy football team. Of course he was dealing with contract issues, and his QB wasn’t having his best year ever in Philip Rivers. Still Jackson is explosive, and becomes the best WR in town since Joey Galloway, Keenan McCardell and Keyshawn Johnson. Which is fine, as long as he is no Alvin Harper!

CARL NICKS A Moving LG Jeremy Zuttah to Center gives the Bucs more Athletic prowess at the position, and lets face it, while Jeff Faine was a huge upgrade over guys named Wade, he was injured each season, and Zuttah stepped in nicely during those times. The Bucs' line improves to one of the best in the league…on paper.

ERIC WRIGHT- B+ Wright could use some consistency and Tampa Bay is as good a place as any to start. It now seems ever so likely the Bucs will be without Aqib Talib as his troubled past continues to haunt him. Think of the sheer waste of talent: Talib, Aaron Sears. Wright could be a shutdown corner. Playing in the NFC South, it wont take long to know if that’s the case.

THE GLAZERS- A+++ I put them in here because its like having new owners isn’t it? This organization was never cheap, so I don’t know why they started acting like it. The economy? Perhaps. The Youth Movement? Also possible. But the fact is the Bucs said they will use free agency to replace players they didn’t draft well. Well there are so many holes on this team that its hard not to hit the proverbial barn when you throw some money at it.

You know the Bucs will add a marquee player in the draft as well, that is four top flight players added to this roster that was 10-6 only two seasons ago. It's not out of the realm of possibilities that the Bucs could be back on the winning ways in no time, maybe even 2012.