“Hey Greg, come on in, lets get to work”
That’s basically what someone is going to say to the New Head Coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as he comes in for day one on the job. What he does next, in no particular order, will probably go something like this…..

Take a look at what you have to work with RIGHT NOW. Because it wont be long before you realize your going to need free agency and the draft to replace some of your players. Guys like…

SS Sean Jones, who would have gotten the name TOAST if another Jones hadn’t beaten him to it a generation ago on the now 2nd worst Bucs defense of all time.

Quincy Black who will represent a big piece of that pie we call the salary cap, all the while allowing three cornerbacks and a rookie to out-tackle him on the Bucs roster.

Geno Hayes, see above, who allowed the same, PLUS Q.Black to out-tackle him. Then again he has a little excuse. He was benched for non-productivity. That’s why he had 32 less tackles than Sean Jones.

Aqib Talib- if the government doesn’t get him first, Talib should be shown the front door at One Buc the first time he violates the TBA , which should be about the first week. If not, welcome back Talib, we could use your talent.

Kellen Winslow Jr.- And give him that look he gives defenders when they tackle him, with that “Get off me, how dare you tackle me” hand wave. He’s constantly calling for Pass Interference, when its he who causes it more often. Don’t get me wrong, Winslow works hard, sacrifices his health for the game he loves. He doesn’t need money, he has plenty, yet he continues to play the game. But he also continues to run his mouth, which is the running that has to stop. Time may have caught up with the ‘soldier’, and his knee isn’t getting younger.

Kregg Lumpkin- The fact that someone on the Bucs staff thought he had potential says volumes for our scouting dept. If there is a stat, Lumpkin may have the worst YAC in Bucs history.

Josh Johnson- We need a veteran to back up Freeman so he can have an older guy behind him. QB Coach is nice, but a vet backup is with him all the time. Besides, J.J. can get us another good player via trade.

Then you’ll have to keep an eye out on E.J. Biggers and Myron Lewis, who are close to being busts, but we said the same thing about Elbert Mack and he came back to have a good season last year, so maybe they need a closer look.

Figure out which three WR you want to keep, so you can add 2 veteran guys there. Mike Williams and Arrelious Benn are keepers. Youll have to decide on Briscoe, Stroughter, or Parker.

Greg: WOW…don’t we have anything on this team besides offensive line that is dependable? “SURE! Connor Barth and Michael Koenen- Man are those guys great!”