Worst. Loss. Ever!
Everyone always goes back to 1999 Tampa Bay at Oakland when they think of the worst beating in recent Bucs history, and its natural. It was 45-0, it was the worst score, and we knew we were a better team than that, it ‘just happened’.

But this past weeks loss at Jacksonville took on a feeling of epic proportions. Our young football team simply did not know where to look for answers. They were as dumbfounded as we were as fans as to how you can dominate a football team, look as if YOU are going to be the one to rout the other team, do everything the right way, and end up getting pummeled by what is simply a bad team.

The loss to Jacksonville was the worse loss of the modern era for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the worse ever loss in Pewter, and it wasn’t even close. In fact, it goes down as one of the worst losses of all time if you think about it.

Only the 1999 Raider game can be used in this argument for a Pewter Bucs team. Sure we lost 31-0 to the Jets in 1997, but again, we were a good team. In fact, on the plane ride home, the Bucs clinched the playoffs. If you want to toss in this year’s humiliation to the San Francisco 49ers, your welcome to, but those same 49ers are soon to lock up a home field bye and #2 seed in the NFC Playoffs. Jacksonville and the Bucs are in a dead heat battle…for a better draft spot.

No Bucs fans, you will have to go back to the days of Orange, the Yucks, if you want to find equal humiliation. 55-14 loss to the Green Bay Packers, that’s what I’m talking about. It was 49-7 at halftime, heck Green Bay was being nice. The Packers finished a whopping 8-8 that year in 1983; the Bucs were 2-14.

How about the inaugural season’s 42-0 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers? Again, were talking the team of the 70’s vs the Joke of the 70’s. Terry Bradshaw could have beaten the Bucs 76-0 if he wanted to. Still no contest.

But alas we have a winner, because there was a game far far more embarrassing than what happened Sunday. And it happened in similar fashion. The Bucs drove down the field, scored a touchdown, then repeated and took a 14-0 lead. People in Tampa Bay were crying UPSET! A few hours later, we were just crying.

62-28 NY Jets over the Bucs: together with the ’83 stunner in Green Bay, the Bucs have now regressed to mid ‘80s proportions with the loss to these Green baddies. Come to think of it, Jacksonville is teal isn’t it?