The one dominant part of the 2011 Buccaneers
Inconstancies? Never heard of them! Which side of the ball on the Bucs doesnít hear any flack because itís so dominant?

Defense? The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have long made this side of the ball famous. Going back to 1977 when it kept a 2-12 team in a lot of games, up through the no.1 rankings in the NFL in 1979, and 2002, and 2005, the Bucs KNOW defense. But these days, itís the least developed side on the Bucs, and the most important to get developed if you ask anyone on the team or the fans.

While we wait for the Defense to catch up, this Bucs team is built around the offense, so that must be it right? Well it probably will soon enough, but for right now, the Bucs offense has only shown up a total of 3 quarters in the two games theyíve played.

Josh Freeman is just getting started, LeGarrette Blount is busy squeaking so he can get greased, and Mike Williams is doing his best to spread the wealth around by letting Dezmon Briscoe and Preston Parker help pick up some slack. Nope, neither side of the ball are really stable. Offense. Defense.

Must be, the WE-Fense! Special Teams on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and are simply excelling, perhaps its due to the big spending done in the offseason on the Bucs biggest free agent acquisition; Punter/Placekicker Michael Koenen.

Before the season, every Bucs fan was crying how stupid the Bucs were for spending so much money on a punter. Well do you understand now? When the Bucs special teams do screw up, and are found guilty of being offsides on kickoffs, the Bucs line up 5 yards back, and just punch it right through the end zone again anyway!

And when the opposing teamís returners are foolish enough to try to bring it out, well the defense is bound to improve when it takes the field at the other teamís 10 yard line!

Right Now Koenen is is the 7th ranked punter with a 49.3 yards per punt average, but as a team, the Bucs have him ranked 3rd in the NFL with their 45.2 NET average, which includes the other teamís return yards (or lack thereof).

Think about it, thatís half a field. You stall at the 30 yard line, your defense is going to take the field at the opponents 35 yard line, as opposed to the 40 or 42 like we normally would have been. THAT is almost worth 17 million dollars right there!

But kicking off, the Bucs are ranked NO.1 in the NFL by allowing only 8.5 average return yards per kick. The nearest second are the Jets with double that. Ok, how many of you would stroke that check now?

And Connor BarthÖremember when we couldnít find a kicker starting with the Mike Nugent fiasco? Once we got to Barth, we hit gold. Because this kicker is money- tied at No.1 with about 18 kickers at 100% of making his kicks, Barth has hit all three of his FG attempts and 5 xtra Points.

So No.1 Kickoff Coverage, No.3 Punt coverage, 100% kicking, the Bucs are quite consistent at Special Teams. Dwayne Stukes for Assistant coach of the year?