Some people just don't get it!
Some people just donít get it. ďThe Bucs have too many questions to expect another 10 win season with a much harder schedule. If they donít get a few big named free agents, I just donít see them having a winning seasonĒ.

Really guys? Nothing was learned from 2010 and what the Bucs accomplished back then? I understand there was no offseason and that will impede the learning process of a lot of guys; but that holds true for all 32 teams! Thereís not one Bucs opponent that got to have an offseason!

The same stuff was said last year, that there would be no way the Bucs could expect to win more than 5 games without bringing in some Free agent talent. Instead, the Bucs showed everyone that their knowledge of the College players and free agents was better than anyone thought it would be. Imagine if we brought in one or two WRís last year, that means Mike Williams or Arrelious Benn do NOT develop!

Had we gotten a big name running back, we could kiss goodbye LeGarrette Blountís season. For every Free Agent veteran who is brought in, thatís one spot a young guy CANNOT develop in. We are bringing in MORE young players this year, and those spots need to be developed IN HOUSE.

IF you bring in a veteran DE, that means DaQuan Bowers and Adrian Clayborn will not get the reps needed to grow into the stars we need them to become.

Ive even heard someone on the radio say that the Bucs are too young to expect to compete in the division. Hello? They lost on a tiebreaker for a playoff spot, and lost two games to Atlanta that came down to the last plays of the game.

Free Agents are needed, you cannot expect to build a team on the draft alone, but spending money just for the sake of spending it is foolish. We have some big stars on this team that can use a new long-term contract to lock them in for the foreseeable future. Let the other teams continue their revolving door of Free Agents.

Notice how all the teams that have to cut players to get under the cap had poor records last season? And need I remind anyone that the Washington Redskins spend big money each year? How does that work out for them?

One final point- Tony Dungy led the Indianapolis Colts to a decade of dominance with many 12- win seasons. How many big name free agents do you recall them signing? One kicker?