Lucky the blackouts were THIS year
Lately, the topic of luck has come up concerning the Bucs and Bucs games. To be sure, a level of luck is present in all things regarding football. But in my opinion, the Bucs are lucky in 2010. They’re lucky they ended up with THIS year as the year of all the blackouts! Hear me out…I will actually make sense.

Last year, Tampa Bay did not even come close to selling out their home games, yet the Glazers (you know, the ones who are supposedly so cheap?) paid to have their games put on the Television even though there were not enough people in the stands to avoid blackouts. They wanted to make sure their product was on the television. As a result, the Bucs fans got to watch the throwback game which included the first win for Raheem Morris, a heroic almost win over the hated Panthers, and best of all, a very competitive game against the Dallas Cowboys.

Of course, Bucs fans were able to watch the Bucs go 1-7 at home. But we all know what 2009 was, the tear down year, the year we started over. Not that anyone knew it, but 2010 would be the year the Bucs were competitive again.

So why do I say the Bucs are lucky? They’re lucky because this is the year the Bucs decided to win on the road, but not do so well at home. Bucs fans did not get to see a blowout loss to the Steelers, and then the very next home game you didn’t have to watch a blowout loss to the Saints.

With only two games left on the schedule, and only one of them left at home, the Bucs have only put away one team at home, the Panthers 31-14 on November 14th. The opening day win over Cleveland was nice, but they stunk that one up in the first half.

But while Bucs fans were spared the misery of Tampa Bay’s 3-4 home records, the Bucs viewers were treated to some of the best football the Bucs have played in years! The Bucs you see have turned into Road Killers, going 5-2 on the road with a 7-point loss to the Ravens, and a one-foot loss to the Falcons.

If you only know about the Bucs what you see about the Bucs, you’ve ended up with a pretty good impression of this up and coming team that is very young and deserving of our attention. The Bucs put down the Panthers in week 2, and then had the awesome come from behind game against the Bengals.

After yet another come from behind win at home, the Bucs go out west to Arizona and put some serious points on the board. This Tampa Bay team gave their Fox viewers a nice road shutout of the San Francisco 49ers, a place the Bucs have not won since 1980!!

So we know not what 2011 will bring, but fortune favored the Pewter this year, and if you have to live with blackouts, at least the Bucs are doing it with style points; They’re playing their best games on the road, and the fans are watching! Hopefully next season the Bucs can get the stands full, and we can check out a better home version of our team like the kind the road warrior Bucs are showing off this year.