The Bucs never quit on Morris
As Iím recapping the 2009 season game by game for my site, one major PLUS has come to my attention: The Buccaneers of 2009 were well coached.

No folks, that is not a typo, do not adjust your PC- Head Coach Raheem Morris may have made a few mental blunders along the lines of going for it/not to go for it, but he had a very young team keep a positive attitude throughout the year.

The Bucs could have quit, could have taken a more relaxed approach to some of the games, but instead they played 100%, even in games they were getting blown out as they pressured on despite a hopeless situation.

One case in point is Week 6 vs. Carolina, and the Bucs went into the half tied 7 up, but gave up two TDs in the 3rd quarter. They never quit, and after a return on a kickoff for a TD as well as a pick 6 by Tanard Jackson as the defense refused to give up, despite being 0-5.

It was typical for a team that may not look up to their coach as a father figure like Tony Dungy, nor rely on one as cheerleader as Jon Gruden represented to them. There is no book that says you have to be one or the other to be respected in the NFL

Critics claim the Bucs players look toward their coach as one of their own, but it became clear as the season went on that the level of respect the players have for their leader transcended peer-dom.

Whether it was the disciplining laid down during training camp, or the one to one lessons that no one on the outside really heard about, Buccaneers players are a close-nit group that played hard for their Coach, and are in his corner in 2010 through thick or thin.