Week 9 2012
Welcome to Bucko's Column, the one that doesn't flinch when faced with a Buffalo Bills' cornerback.

The Bucs lost to the ultimate hot and cold team last week in New Orleans. How do you go from putting 62 points on the Colts, to losing to the Rams, and then bounce back with another dominating offensive performance the week after?

Bucko would far rather see the bad Saints in future. Although the last time he saw a Saints' outfit as bad as the one that played the Rams, it was the All Saints just after they released "Never Ever".

Loved the way Fox Sports promoted their second game last weekend. "We've got Green Bay at San Diego or the Giants at the Patriots. Some of you will see Cardinals and the Rams". So let's just get this straight - two of the best match-ups this season, or the biggest dog since Nancy Dell' Olio was kicked off Strictly Come Dancing.

And continuing that awful game thread, this is when as a commentator you know where you stand on the pecking order at Fox. So Sam Rosen and Chad Pennington, don't make any reservations for the Emmy awards dinner next year. Although at least with Chad commentating, any QB playing will have a rocket arm in comparison.

Bud Lite is offering fans "The Ultimate NFL Experience". So you too can go to Philadelphia, have beer thrown on you, get beaten up and gobbed on. Or go to Dallas and get fleeced out of out all your money. Or even better, take the Miami option and sit and watch three hours of crap surrounded by 500 empty seats in your section.

The San Francisco 49ers seemed to have already won the NFC West division. In fact, this is the most one-sided section since re-alignment put the Masters of the Universe in the same divison as Barbie, Sindy and Dora the Explorer.

Time for cahllleeeedddge (nod there to Tony Reali). The LSU v Alabama game finished 9-6 and fans started proclaiming it a boring game. Err earth to so-called gridiron experts. Just because a game doesn't have 80+ points, 900 yards of offense and each QB with a rating in excess of 100 does not make it a bad game.

This is the problem with the current NFL - everyone just wants to see offense. And the game is getting closer to Arena Football every day. Call Bucko old-fashioned, but three yards and a cloud of dust is still the best.

From the totally over-rated category I give you Gregg Williams, defensive co-ordinator of the Saints, Jon Gruden commentating, and the entire Buffalo Bills team.