Week 9 2015
The NFL announced this week that there will be two games a season at the home of English rugby (just not in the quarter-finals of the World Cup), Twickenham. This is alongside the games at Wembley and Tottenham's new ground from 2018 too. The current plan therefore is for all 32 teams to be playing somewhere in London that weekend although the match-up of the Titans and Jaguars at Millwall's New Den may be one to be avoided for multiple reasons.

From the lunatic asylum that is the Dallas Cowboys comes news that owner Jerry Jones has described Greg Hardy as being "a great leader". In related news, Jones announced Genghis Khan and Attila the Hun as his new co-ordinators and Chairman Mao in charge of special teams.

Hardy was actually called out for his behaviour recently by none other than Dez Bryant. This is the same Dez Bryant who is kept in a Hannibal Lecter-style security frame and muzzle on the sideline during games to avoid his own outbursts. And when fellow "misguided individual" Brandon Marshall joins in the debate, then you know that the inmates have truly taken over said asylum.

Dating back to his head coaching stint with the Arizona Cardinals, Ken Whisenhunt, formerly of the Titans was 6-44 in his last 50 games which is truly epic Leeman Bennett standards. And yes Bucko does realise one of those six was by 28 points over the Bucs in the season opener but he is trying very hard to forget.

Bountygate II - apparently Sean Payton has offered his defenders $50 for each tackle made but based on last weekend's NBA game with the New York Giants, all of them are scared to collect.

If Tennessee were to play New England right now, it would be the most one-sided encounter since the Death Star took on Alderaan.

The Pittsburgh Steelers brought out their throwback jerseys again last weekend but at least the NFL kindly ran an epilepsy warning for its viewers beforehand.

The Indianapolis Colts lost on Monday Night Football to the Panthers but at 3-5, still clinched the AFC South division title.

Antonio Gates apparently went down injured again last week. Rumour has it that the needle stuck in his ass, fell out during a play.

The Oakland Raiders reached the .500 mark last weekend marking the first time in over a decade they were in such a lofty position. The Bloods and the Crips apparently negotiated a 24-hour ceasefire in Compton, LA to mark the occasion.

Bucko wants to know what the over/under is on how many times per hour Jim Harbaugh thinks of the San Francisco 49ers and bursts out laughing. Then he thinks back to the punt play against Michigan State and goes back to his normal scowl.

Seattle have apparently decided to practice goal-line offensive plays during their bye week. Pete Carroll has though been given the time off.

Potential upset of the week could come in Foxboro as Kirk Cousins has had two weeks to prepare for the Redskins' trip to New England. Bucko wants to know if Cousins will still "like that" after he's been roasted over a spit for three hours against a real defense.