Week 7 2015
People often talk about the window of opportunity closing faster for NFL teams than any other professional sport. Thanks to the efforts of Kam Chancellor and the other egos in Seattle, the Seahawks' window has been closed, fitted with double-glazing and had a security lock added for good measure.

The NFL really is serious about its policy of seeing how committed British fans are to watching the sport by continuing to send the most crap teams across the Atlantic to play International Series games at Wembley. Case in point, Buffalo and Jacksonville arriving in London this week. This match-up was actually due to no regular network wanting to cover the game in its normal time under any circumstances.

Bucko would like to congratulate 6-year-old Jake Smith from Indianapolis for winning the "Design a play for the Colts" competition and seeing it run last Sunday against the New England Patriots on national TV.

And further congratulations to the Denver Broncos who currently lead the NFL in the "Best defense/Worst QB" rating. They are getting close to the all-time NFL record held by the 1999 Buccaneers and Shaun King.

NFL Injury update - Steve Smith of the Baltimore Ravens has been upgraded from being a complete tosser to a really annoying asshole ahead of this week's game with the Arizona Cardinals.

More on Peyton Manning or should be say the Zombie Peyton Manning currently wearing 18 for the Broncos as we approach Halloween. It looks like Manning, it sounds like Manning but it sure as hell doesn't play like him. But when will any NFL commentator realise just how appallingly bad he now is?

The NFL scheduling really needs sorting out. How can you have nine early games this Sunday and only two late ones, which are Oakland/San Diego and NY Giants/Dallas? Bucko might even have to spend time with his family after watching the Bucs play this week.