Week 6 2015
The latest edition of top American show CSI had an NFL feel to it last weekend. Apparently a dead body was found on a plane from London to Miami with multiple stab wounds in the back. Detectives have found 53 potential suspects.

Week 5 saw the Cowboys playing the Patriots. Seeing how most NFL preview shows only have eyes for these two teams, Bucko was stunned that any of the other games on the schedule even got a mention during the two hours before the games actually kicked off.

Congratulations to Drew Brees for becoming the 3rd NFL quarterback to reach 5,000 completions after Brett Favre and Peyton Manning. Of course if completions to the other side were included, Vinny Testaverde beat all of them there.

Can we just stop with these inane half-time interviews with coaches? Firstly the coaches are desperate to get off the field to do their half-time speeches and in-game adjustments (Buccaneer secondary excluded) and secondly, they say absolutely nothing of relevance. Just get rid of them now.

And if the NFL really wants to speed up games, how about getting rid of the "ad break - kickoff into the endzone - another ad break" - still, it gives you about six minutes to make a cup of tea or feed the cat.

Thankfully CBS Sports only do two Buccaneer games each year when the AFC team comes into Tampa for an inter-conference game. Which means that we will not have another commentary with Spero Dedes and Solomon Wilcots. The latter reached Mike Martz and Rich Gannon standards of appalling comments during Sunday's game and it got to the point where watching it in silence was more preferable.

"Jameis needs to look for his big tight end, Austin Seferian-Jenkins here" - yep, he was the one on the sideline because he was inactive.
"The Bucs are without their best player Logan Mankins today " - are you kidding me? Unless you count whiffing on run blocks a positive stat.
"Winston has a great offensive co-ordinator in Greg Olson" - no Greg now coaches for the Jaguars. He left the Bucs after the 2011 season.

And as for Wilcots' love affair with blocking T/TE Reid Fragel. Does anyone know if the two of them went and got a room after the game?

An NFL record was set last weekend when the Cleveland Browns threw over 50 passes in a game without an interception. This is subject to official confirmation as no-one can actually believe it happened with Josh McCown playing quarterback.

And another NFL record is expected this week when the New England Patriots play in the Indianapolis Colts in the return Delfategate game. You know that Belichick is going to run the score up something chronic so NFL record-keepers are on hand to see how many actually count as "f*** you" points on the official statistics.

Bucko needs some help here as it is the bye-week. All he has at the moment is an offer to watch the Dolphins and the Titans. Any other suggestions otherwise it's time to dig the DVD of "Any Given Sunday" out again.