31 December 2014
Bucko is still trying to decide which of the two crowd participations at the Bucs' final game was more surreal. The sight of all the Tampa fans behind the goal celebrating the Saints' PAT that put them ahead 21-20 inside the final two minutes, or the cheering of the referee announcement that the Bucs had lost the challenge over the onside kick recovery and hence New Orleans could run out the clock.

Draft preview - Tennessee, you're on the clock. The Bucs submitted the card for Marcus Mariota on Monday.

If NFL throwback jerseys are so popular, how come no teams wear them in the post-season?

Special early nomination for an Oscar to Aaron Rodgers who went out of the Packers' Week 17 game apparently crippled, spent a series of the sideline watching Tom Flynn prove how bad he is, and then limped back in to miraculously save the game for Green Bay and try and garner some MVP votes. Bucko reckons it was the worst fake limp since Keyser Soyze in "The Usual Suspects".

This week's NFL playoff game between the Panthers and the Cardinals has been specifically arranged so that you can happily miss the game and tell all your friends and family that you are deliberately missing a post-season game to spend time with them in order to gain brownie points for future viewings.

Those top tank movies of all-time
1. Battle of the Bulge
2. Fury
3. Buccaneers v Saints 2014
4. Patton
5. Kelly's Heroes
Week 17 in the NFL or as some teams like to call it, "The week we start our third string quarterback to prove once and for all that fantasy leagues should end in Week 16." That is except in Arizona where Cardinal fans lie awake at night just dreaming of being able to start a third-string quarterback.

Nice to see the honeymoon period as ended for Johnny Clipboard in Cleveland and that most Browns fans hate him as much as Tim Couch/Brian Hoyer/Brian Sipe, actually any other Browns QB for the last 30 years except Bernie Kosar.

Ah Brian Hoyer. The quarterback so bad that he could spot an open receiver downfield and still get a flag for intentional grounding for no-one being in the vicinity of where the pass ended up.

News from Buffalo is that Kyle Orton has announced his retirement. AFC East cornerbacks and safeties have already started petitions entitled "Say it ain't so" and "One more year please".

If the Rams' Jeff Fisher is so good, how come he has only posted six winning seasons in 20 years as an NFL head coach?

The Atlanta Falcons have fired Mike Smith. Matt Ryan was asked who he thought the next head coach should be. He said couldn't pick one guy, but he could pick six.

And Bucko cannot end this year without paying homage to Bill Simmons and Cousin Sal at ESPN for some tremendous work on their weekly podcast, interrupted only by Simmons' three-week suspension early in the year for calling Commissioner Roger Goodell "a ******* lying ***** " live on air. Simmons could not resist one final dig in December, that will probably earn him an award in Bucko's annual celebrations early in January.

Simmons' top six NFL rivalries: - Broncos v Patriots, Mike Smith v Fourth Down, Ravens v Steelers, Roger Goodell v The Truth, Cowboys v Eagles, Andy Reid v The Clock.

Happy New Year Buckettes!