12 November 2014
Nice to see the Houston Texans continuing to give this column so many nickname options. Ryan Pickspatrick has been replaced by Ryan "Timmy" Mallett. Then again, "Wackaday" and "Mallett's Mallet" means nothing to anyone outside the ages of 30-45 in the UK.

Fox always introduce their broadcasts with the option of commentary in Spanish via the SAP button (you can actually do this via GamePass as well). For all future Bucs games, there will be an additional "Commentary Replacement" option or CRAP for short.

The Bucs' offensive line
"This one's gone right through!"

Everyone has been raving about how good the AFC North is this season with every team having a winning record. This is simply because they have each had four games against the Falcons, Saints, Panthers and Bucs in 2014.

The Bucs' opening 17-play drive against Atlanta was the longest most meaningless drive since Bucko tried to drive two junctions of the M25 during the rush hour.

Mike Evans, the best Buccaneer rookie receiver pick since ..... since ...... oh god, Michael Clayton.

One piece of news to celebrate is that the Tampa Bay security guards have been voted the best in the NFL. They caught two fans trying to climb over the fences at Raymond James Stadium last Sunday. They caught them, beat them up and then made them go back and watch the rest of the game with everyone else.

As we reach the end of November, adverts on American TV for "Black Friday" start appearing. Yes each week on "Buccaneer Depressing Sunday".

Mike Tomlin woke up Monday morning and realised that Sunday had not been a dream. The Steelers really had lost to a team from the SEC.

Carson Palmer sadly suffered a torn ACL injury last weekend which put him out for the season of the season. For the next seven weeks, ACL will stand for Arizona Cardinals Lose.