30 October 2014
This was the final week of pink optional extras to uniforms which thankfully have lessened as the month has worn on. But it was nice of the NFL to recognise "Lift Abuse Awareness Month" in this way.

And whilst we are on the Ray Rice situation, there are stories eminating about his rights having been infringed over the suspension handed down by Lord Chief Executioner/Judge/Jury/Defense Attorney Roger Goodell. Who cares? Just re-instate him immediately. It's not like any NFL team is going to sign him. Look at Richie Incognito sitting still waiting for the phone to ring.

Every clip of players arriving for games or on the sidelines warming up shows them now wearing Bose headphones, "the official headphone of the NFL". Colin Kaepernick was fined more than a Dashon Goldson decapitation for a recent infraction when he was seen sporting a Sony Walkman plastic model whilst getting out of the shower. I am just waiting for the NFL to announce Rick Astley as "the official 80s music icon of the league" and enforce all players have to listen to "never gonna give you up" once a day.

On behalf of all British NFL fans, Bucko would like to apologise to American viewers for having to suffer Little Mix "perform" before the Wembley game last weekend.

Fantastic to see Mick Luckhurst at Wembley for the Falcons game and how emotional he was about being at the soccer home of his childhood whilst watching the NFL team of his career. Mick is one of the best people to ever be involved in the British game and this was the highlight of the game. Well until the Falcons blew it in superb style at the end. Owner Arthur Blank was so upset, he went back to his day job of impersonating Walt Disney.

Last Sunday's game against Minnesota was so ugly, it drew comparisons to Laura Okmin. And talking of the Fox crew who must be bottom of the rankings to be assigned that game, David Diehl looks like Adam Sandler on steroids