A Thanksgiving Special
Ah the traditions of the American holiday. Three live games on Sky Sports and a steaming turkey in the studio. And Cecil Martin will be there too.

This week's game of course features Dallas' traditional appearance on the second game and the whole world will be rooting for GR IV or whatever he calls himself, to win on national TV. Then we all get to see Jerry Jones self-combust on the sideline with his fake face being the first thing to melt.

News out of Philadelphia where Jim Furyk's caddie Fluff Cowan, aka Andy Reid, is on the hottest seat of all time. Actually Reid deserves credit for taking this whole Movember thing and making it "Mo 21st Century". Bucko always wondered what the gofer from "Caddyshack" did after that film.

The Eagles of course play next Monday night against Carolina in a game that is so bad, it deserved to be on NFL Network on a Thursday night. ESPN have decided to liven the game up by arranging for the losing coach to be shot at midfield by a firing squad of their own players and fans at the end of the game. Then again, Nick Foles would probably miss.

List of NFL choke jobs this month
1. Philadelphia Eagles
2. Philip Rivers
Thought for an NFL sack dance. How about downing Cam Newton and doing a "Clark Kent" impression by buttoning your shirt back up and putting on your glasses? Because you ain't no Superman kid.

How bad must Charlie Batch be these days if the Steelers leave in a totally crap (OK is there any other kind?) Byron Leftwich for the whole game against Baltimore? And how did the Pillsbury Dough Boy "run" 31 yards for a touchdown in that game?

Back to Thanksgiving and of course the first game features the Lions. Who are usually about 2-8 by this point in the season so I guess their current 4-6 mark must count as some kind of 21st Century record for them. This for the Texans is the ultimate Admiral Ackbar game - "It's a trap".

List of jobs apparently being taken by Jon Gruden in 2013:- Philadelphia (because he was offensive co-ordinator there in the mid 90s), San Diego (he won a Super Bowl there), Dallas (he once watched the TV show) and the Tennessee Volunteers (his wife was a cheerleader there).

Honest question time - had any of you ever heard of Cardinals' QB Ryan Linley before he was thown in against the Falcons last week? Had any of their players? Did their coach have the Falcons in a Survivor pool or something and was worried by his team's early 13-0 lead?

The atmosphere at last week's Cowboys v Browns game was apparently so bad (only 78% nitrogen) that you could hear the Cleveland Browns cheering their team on. They don't even do that at home games so why the heck would they be doing it on the road?

Anyone know what colour Pam Oliver's hair is going to be on the sidelines this week? She actually makes Paul Stewart's look natural. OK maybe not.

Bucko was doing some research (shaddup!) on NFL rosters and what is it with these military names? Captain Munnerlyn of the Panthers, Major Wright of the Bears. Bucko is jusr waiting for Lieutenant Pigeon or General Lee to make an NFL roster some time in the future.