Week 14 2011
The NFL introduced flexible scheduling to allow TV networks to move key games to prime-time slots to attract higher ratings. In return, Fox asked for the St.Louis at Seattle game to be flexed to next pre-season.

A couple of Jaguar entries for the all-NFL name team. Defensive end Leger Douzable (what were his parents thinking?) and the man named after two department stores, Jarrett Dillard. The British equivalent would be Aldi Ann Summers.

Time for another Bill Simmons classic line - "Tim Tebow's passes are so ugly that if he moved to the projects, the neighbours would chip in to buy curtains."

Congratulations to new Ohio State coach Urban Meyer. In the past 12 months since leaving the Gators, you have managed to completely cure an apparent life-threatening medical condition and seen your entire family grown up.

The Bucs and the Cowboys this Sunday night from around 1am. Bucko thinks that outside of the club President who is so sad, he'd even watch a re-run of a 1986 Leeman Bennett game, there might be at most two other club members staying up all night to watch the game live.

Donovan McNabb apparently wants to play for the Bears. Fat chance. If McNabb wants to get back into the NFL, he needs to cut down from his current seven meals a day to the more normal three.

To the tune of UBS' incredibly annoying logistics advert...
When the QB drops back and he takes a big sack, that's Rex Grossman
When he aims for the red but hits a fan in row Z, that's Rex Grossman
When he throws another pick and the coach winds up sick, that's Rex Grossman
When you think what the heck, but the choice is John Beck, that's Rex Grossman
For those of you who like to gamble, and Bucko bets there are a few, comes a great line from Vegas. The last NFL team to be an underdog by 20 or more points and fail to cover were the 1977 Buccaneers in Los Angeles. The last time the Bucs were given a 20-point start, they lost 21-14 in San Francisco in December 1992.

Kudos to the person on the Buccaneer message board who came up with the moniker of "Game of the Weak" to describe the Bucs' trip to Jacksonville last Sunday.

Until Todd Haley got fired yesterday by the Chiefs, it seemed as though every head coaching opportunity in January was going to a team with a pleasant climate, Miami, San Diego, Tampa (hopefully) or Indianapolis' dome. But don't forget, Bill Cowher is going to be coaching in everyone of these places next season.