Which is the first position you would upgrade in the off-season?

Little doubt in my mind that it is the Offensive Line and in particular the position of “Guard” that should be the main focus of attention in the off season. We paid big money for Carl Nicks and are yet to reap the benefit, Davin Joseph just doesn’t seem the same player as he was prior to last year’s knee injury and it’s apparent we need some more depth which will allow Zuttah to concentrate on playing Center.

Whether we do this through free agency or the draft remains to be seen but with a combination of Martin, James and Rainey we could be set at RB, throw in Mike Williams, Vjax and Tim Wright and we have the basis of a good receiving corps So it’s essential the “O” line is upgraded to make the holes for the run and provide the pass protection to allow the offense to progress to the next level.

Pfew – I’m glad this question doesn’t specify ‘playing position’. Have the players been perfect? No, far from it – the record tells us that. Have they given a good account of themselves? In all bar two games I think so. Have injuries impacted upon the depth? Most certainly, and this has been very telling.

But I don’t think there is a single glaring position devoid of talent on this team. That’s why the first half of the year was so very frustrating. No, I’d leave the players well alone. The first position I would upgrade is the co-ordinators. I now expect Coach Schiano to remain in charge. But I’m not sure what happens to the co-ordinators. Offense, Defense and Special Teams have all had their fair share of highs and lows this year. I am not advocating changing personnel, although I do suspect there might be at least one high profile casualty.

Each co-ordinator has shown that they are (on any given Sunday) capable of doing the very job they are tasked with. The upgrade I would like to see is with the mind-set, strategy and approach. To me a good coach is not the one that comes in with his ‘magic book’ that he makes the players learn. A good coach comes in, sees what they’ve got and comes up with the best philosophy, looks, plays and adjustments to fit with those players. Sure things evolve over time. But you’ve got to learn how to master your rooks and bishops before you moan you need more knights! Play to your strengths.

The Bucs have a number of spots that need to be upgraded, DE, TE, G, C, DC and OC. For me though the last few weeks have highlighted that the most important position that needs an upgrade is WR. Vincent Jackson has mostly been double covered since Mike Williams was injured and our backup WRs have been mostly unimpressive. Getting a good WR from the draft this year would give us time to bring him up to speed and eventually be able to take over from Jackson when his time is up in Tampa. We have good jump ball WRs but no one that can really stretch the field, this is what we need to add to upgrade our WR corps.

Other than the coaching staff? I think the OL has underperformed as a whole this year. Our two “Pro Bowl” guards have been MIA most of the year, how healthy Nicks will ever be is now the question to ask. The depth chart is pretty shallow as well, and looking at the current NFL rankings we are rated 18th on the OL. Always room for improvement in the trench. Next up would be the DL, McCoy is playing great, but again there is always room from improvement, particularly from the DL, getting pressure to the QB is vital in todays NFL. Finally the elephant in the room, QB and Glennon. Whether he is the starter next year remains to be seen