When you step into the shoes of a man who was destined to be "The Franchise" within a hurricane of media attention it is never going to be easy. But when you look at the cool manner in which Glennon has conducted himself with the media and on the field you have to be impressed.

He is growing into the role of a leader and has shown signs of being just that. He has improved no end from his pre-season performances. Having set a raft of Buccaneer records last week against Atlanta he has shown me that he is the horse to bet on at the moment.

There are certainly better uses of a high first round pick, and a veteran QB like a Matt Schaub is a step backwards from the youth movement in Tampa. Stick with Mike and I think we'll be fine.

Right now my answer would have to be wait and see. Iím impressed with Glennon to some extent, but there are so many variables it is not even funny. Is Schiano back next year? How many more games do the Bucs win? We are playing five games against possible play-off teams now, so how we do against these teams will be the most telling tale of them all. If we have a top 5 pick, then Glennon probably did not do what was needed to win, and thus the Bucs would need to draft a franchise QB.

If the Bucs do not have a top five or top eight pick, then itís probably because the Bucs won games, and then we will have to look at how much Glennon had to do with that. His deep throws are his weakness, but he is improving. At least the passes are staying in bounds! But if you have a top fivepick, you must take one of the premier QBs and let the competition begin. You cannot take a tackle or guard or DL with a No.3 or 4 pick, passing up one of the Big Boy Throwers because you think Glennon is your guy.

The audition for 2014 is still ongoing for Mike Glennon, but so far that audition is looking extremely promising. He's thrown 11 TDs to 4 INTs and over 1500 yards with a passer rating of 87.7, even more crucially he's helped the team to 2 back to back wins. He may not be flashy like other QBs and people tend to look at his 3rd round draft tag with suspicion, but he is dependable and has demonstrated certain skills that a recent team QB struggled with.

The exciting thing is that he is still learning and each week does something else better than the week before. NFL experts are beginning to take notice of his performances and like what they see, if he continues to progress each week and we end up with a few more victories drafting a QB at the top of the 2014 draft isn't needed.

I thought a 3rd round pick on a QB in last yearís draft was a waste and that the Bucs were wrong to cut Josh Freeman but in hindsight it would appear that the Coach/GM knew exactly what they were doing. Glennon has gone from strength to strength, he has a good arm, reads the game well, is reasonably mobile and has the makings of a solid QB. His stats of 11 TDs and four interceptions and general play although not spectacular are respectable and he deserves the opportunity to lead the Bucs in to the 2014 season.

The alternative would be to draft another QB and although the jury may be out as regards whether Glennon is a franchise QB, the Bucs draft needs to focus on the trenches on both sides of the ball. Letís hope he isnít another Erickson, Simms or Freeman.