THE ALL-TIME BUCCANEER TEAM After 42 seasons, enough time has passed to produce an all-time Buccaneer team. Not just starters but a full 53- man roster of the best players to have worn the Tampa Bay colours in the NFL.    The 53 includes special teamers, specialists and the need for rotational and back-up players.  Some selections were obvious, others perhaps a little controversial but that is what off-season articles are for.  And you have to take into consideration the eras that each player appeared in. Comparing a receiver or a QB rating from the modern game to that of the 1980s is not realistic. The final positions we come to are quarterbacks and tight ends.   The final episode will deal with the specialists and some off-field selections but there will probably be no area more discussed than the three signal callers on our notional roster. Doug Williams will be the starter.   A member of the Ring of Honor, the leader of three playoff teams and the heart and soul of the Tampa offense during his five seasons with the Buccaneers.  His departure from the Bay area has had countless volumes written but he remains head and shoulders above other Tampa quarterbacks at this stage. Backing up will be Super Bowl winning QB Brad Johnson.   Reliable, dependable and a tremendous locker-room presence who still is involved with the franchise on occasions including when he played touch football for a UK supporters team I arranged at Wembley in 2011.   The third and final spot will surprise some people.  Perhaps after a dominating year in 2018 Jameis would be the sure thing but not for now.  Vinny and Josh Freeman may have been No.1 picks but only showed occasional touches of brilliance with the Buccaneers and the likes of Jeff Garcia and Chris Chandler would not have been good around the locker room.  So again for reliability as a solid back-up, Steve DeBerg gets the final nod to our team. The tight ends also have one no-doubt selection as a starter and then some interesting discussions.    Jimmie Giles was one of a kind and still holds the franchise record for receiving touchdowns in a game. Multiple Pro Bowls and was a true deep threat at the position before such a thing really existed in the NFL. Dave Moore came from nowhere to be one of the longest-serving Buccaneers of all time and deservedly earns a spot on our roster as a blocker and special teamer as well as for his receiving skills.  His final NFL game was the Pro Bowl where he was named as a long snapper to reward his long career. The final spot had considerations for the likes of Ron Hall, Jackie Harris and even current Buc Cameron Brate.  But for sheer receiving numbers, Kellen Winslow had outstanding numbers in his three seasons in Tampa and would add an additional weapon to the reams of talent available to our quarterbacks. NEXT - THE SPECIALISTS AND OFF-FIELD SELECTIONS
QB Doug Williams DE Lee Roy Selmon QB Brad Johnson DT Warren Sapp QB Steve DeBerg DT Gerald McCoy RB James Wilder DE Simeon Rice RB Warrick Dunn DE Chidi Ahanotu RB Ricky Bell DE Greg Spires RB Mike Alstott DT David Logan FB Adger Armstrong DT Dave Pear TE Jimmie Giles LB Derrick Brooks TE Dave Moore LB Hardy Nickerson TE Kellen Winslow LB Lavonte David WR Mark Carrier LB Richard Wood WR Kevin House LB Hugh Green WR Mike Evans LB Shelton Quarles WR Vincent Jackson LB David Lewis WR Joey Galloway CB Ronde Barber WR Keenan McCardell CB Ricky Reynolds LT Paul Gruber CB Donnie Abraham LG Sean Farrell CB Mike Washington C Tony Mayberry FS Cedric Brown RG Davin Joseph SS John Lynch RT Ron Heller S Mark Robinson T Donald Penn S Mark Cotney G Ian Beckles KR OL Randy Grimes PR K P SPEC