THE ALL-TIME BUCCANEER TEAM After 42 seasons, enough time has passed to produce an all-time Buccaneer team. Not just starters but a full 53- man roster of the best players to have worn the Tampa Bay colours in the NFL.    The 53 includes special teamers, specialists and the need for rotational and back-up players.  Some selections were obvious, others perhaps a little controversial but that is what off-season articles are for.  And you have to take into consideration the eras that each player appeared in. Comparing a receiver or a QB rating from the modern game to that of the 1980s is not realistic. Now we move on to the defensive line, a position that is certainly going to promote some debate over who is in and who potentially should have made the team.  The four starters in my eyes were pretty obvious but their back- ups were a little harder as I allocated eight spots for this position across the 53-man roster. Lee Roy Selmon of course is the first name on any all-time Buccaneer team.  Pro Bowls, the Hall of Fame, the Ring of Honor and his own Expressway.  If only there was still a great restaurant with his name on Boy Scout in Tampa …  Alongside him will be Warren Sapp who has all of those credits to his name as well including his own road in Apopka. Gerald McCoy has been given a hard time by way too many Tampa Bay fans but has now moved into the Top-10 all-time players for the franchise.  No more discussion over him or Suh from the 2010 draft - G-Mac is the heart and soul of the current Buccaneer defense and just imaging him alongside Lee Roy and Warren is pretty special. The fourth starter on our line is the best pure pass-rusher in franchise history, Simeon Rice.  A strange individual at times, Planet Simeon is still inhabited by a player for whom double-digit sack seasons were common place and his play in the Super Bowl season was truly outstanding.   A truly fearsome foursome for our roster. The two back-up defensive tackles are David Logan and Dave Pear.   The latter was the Buccaneers’ first-ever Pro Bowler in 1978 and had three outstanding seasons having arrived in the expansion draft of 1976.  His health issues since leaving football have been well documented but having seen him in action from games from that era, his place on this team is secure. The late David Logan was a 12th round pick in 1979 who went on to start over 100 games at nose tackle for the Buccaneers albeit later on some pretty poor teams.  He was also a commentary booth partner of Gene Deckerhoff for several seasons.  This sadly left no place for Booger McFarland or possibly even Brad Culpepper. The two back-up ends were a little harder to identify with the position having been one of many draft busts over the years (Curry, Reese, McCants and Adams).    Chidi Ahanotu and Greg Spires are my two selections with nearly 200 starts between them and both appeared on some pretty good defenses.  Spires in particular was one of the unsung heroes of the playoff run that culminated in the Super Bowl success. NEXT - QUARTERBACKS AND TIGHT ENDS
QB DE Lee Roy Selmon QB DT Warren Sapp QB DT Gerald McCoy RB James Wilder DE Simeon Rice RB Warrick Dunn DE Chidi Ahanotu RB Ricky Bell DE Greg Spires RB Mike Alstott DT David Logan FB Adger Armstrong DT Dave Pear TE LB Derrick Brooks TE LB Hardy Nickerson TE LB Lavonte David WR Mark Carrier LB Richard Wood WR Kevin House LB Hugh Green WR Mike Evans LB Shelton Quarles WR Vincent Jackson LB David Lewis WR Joey Galloway CB Ronde Barber WR Keenan McCardell CB Ricky Reynolds LT Paul Gruber CB Donnie Abraham LG Sean Farrell CB Mike Washington C Tony Mayberry FS Cedric Brown RG Davin Joseph SS John Lynch RT Ron Heller S Mark Robinson T Donald Penn S Mark Cotney G Ian Beckles KR OL Randy Grimes PR K P SPEC