Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27 St.Louis Cardinals 34
Sunday 16 October 1983 at Tampa Stadium
STL 11:01-1Q O'Donoghue FG52
TB 5:24-1Q Wilder 11 pass from Thompson (kick failed)
STL 4:10-1Q O'Donoghue FG43
STL 0:22-2Q Marsh 5 pass from Lomax (O'Donoghue kick)
STL 7:17-3Q Green 6 pass from Lomax (O'Donoghue kick)
STL 6:51-3Q Marsh 16 pass from Lomax (O'Donoghue kick)
TB4:50-3Q T.Bell 23 pass from Thompson (Capece kick)
TB2:47-3Q Green 33 interception return (Capece kick)
STL 1:07-4Q Love 1 run (O'Donoghue kick)
TB0:01-4Q Giles 11 pass from Thompson (Capece kick)

BUCS: Carver 12-48, Wilder 5-13, Owens 4-13.
CARDINALS: Anderson 13-55, Mitchell 12-52, Love 4-12, Harrell 3-10, Morris 4-7, Lomax 1-0.
BUCS: Thompson 30-20-212-2-3.
CARDINALS: Thompson 30-20-212-2-3.
BUCS: Giles 7-92, House 5-54, Wilder 4-9, Carter 2-30, T.Bell 1-23, Carver 1-4.
CARDINALS: Marsh 6-81, Anderson 3-23, Tilley 2-25, Harrell 2-12, Mitchell 2-11, Morris 1-8, Green 1-6.
BUCS: Green 1-33.
CARDINALS: Perrin 1-30, Nelson 1-8.
BUCS: Morton 2-56, Smith 1-43, Owens 1-22.
CARDINALS: Bird 2-57, Schmitt 1-17.
BUCS: Tyler 1-3.
CARDINALS: Mitchell 2-44, Bird 1-6.
BUCS: Judie 1-8, Green 0.5-5, Logan 0.5-5.
CARDINALS: Baker 2-13, Galloway 1-3.
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Again crippled by defensive injuries, the Bucs fell to 0-7 with this home loss, although a comeback did reduce the deficit from 27-6 at one point.

The Bucs had lost starting LB Andy Hawkins to a season-ending knee injury and fellow starting LB Hugh Green could only hobble on to the field for a handful of plays due to a hamstring problem. The two replacements, Ed Judie and Robert Thompson, had only signed for the team as free agents in the days leading up to the game.

The Bucs did close to 27-20 in the 4th quarter, but Jack Thompson's second interception of the game, this one to Benny Perrin, halted the rally and set up the Cardinals' final score.
LT74 Sanders LDE66 Reese
LG60 Grimes NT76 Logan
C50 Wilson RDE63 Selmon
RG68 Yarno LOLB51 Judie
RT70 Thomas LILB58 Davis
TE88 Giles RILB52 Brantley
TE86 Obradovich ROLB56 Thompson
WR87 Carter LCB21 Holt
WR89 House SS33 Cotney
FB32 Wilder FS34 Brown
QB14 Thompson RCB40 Washington
1 Morton, 3 Capece, 5 Garcia, 22 Smith, 23 Castille, 26 Owens, 28 Carver, 29 LaBeaux, 41 Thomas, 46 Armstrong, 53 Green, 54 Wood, 55 Spradlin, 57 Leonard, 65 Stalls, 69 Arbubakrr, 72 Snell, 75 Reavis, 78 Cannon, 81 Tyler, 82 J Bell, 83 T Bell, 85 Witte, 90 White
7 Komlo, 11 Golsteyn
62 Farrell