Does Bucs' Morris already know his fate?
Roy Cummings, The Tampa Tribune, published 4 January 2010

Raheem Morris claims to know nothing of the Bucs plans for him beyond this season but he keeps saying things that suggest otherwise. Case in point: at the end of a comment he made about Josh Freeman on Sunday, Morris talked like a man who knew he was coming back as coach for what will prove to be a make or break 2010 season. "Josh Freeman will be judged based on what he does next year," Morris said. "So will I."

The comments came in the wake of further reports suggesting that former Steelers coach Bill Cowher is preparing to return to the sidelines. Cowher, who was rumored to have been contacted by the Bucs owners in recent weeks, is said to be calling potential assistants to gauge their interest in joining him in a new coaching venture.

Sources with knowledge of the Bucs owners' plans say Cowher has not been contacted by Tampa Bay officials. Cowher, who is currently working as an analyst for "The NFL Today" show on CBS, was finally asked about the rumors on Sunday by NFL Today host James Brown, but he refused to comment on his plans.

"As I referenced to before," Cowher said. "I am not going to talk about any jobs during the regular season. I've got my own issues up here. I'm trying to catch this guy (pointing to Shannon Sharpe) in the picks segment. It's taking all my attention to do that."