Stecker Returns To Haunt Former Team
The Tampa Tribune, published 20 December 2004

Following a 21-17 loss to the New Orleans Saints, the Bucs are 0-for-1,697 in attempting to return a kickoff for a touchdown. Sunday, ex-Buc Aaron Stecker went 1-for-1.

For Stecker, who signed a free-agent deal with the New Orleans Saints in the offseason, it was an improbable sequence from the start. Jay Taylor's game-opening kickoff was short and misplayed by Stecker. The ball slipped through his legs, and Stecker fell on his butt. He backtracked, avoided a sea of five Buc tacklers, weaved down the right sideline and scored on a 98-yard kickoff return.

``When I signed, the first thing my wife said to me was, `Wouldn't it be funny if you played in Tampa, got the opening kickoff and took it back?' '' Stecker said. ``This was kind of like my playoff game. I wanted to show the Bucs that I could make plays. I guess this is pretty ironic, huh?''

Stecker left the game for medical treatment, but returned. ``I think I was hyperventilating,'' said Stecker, who still holds Tampa Bay's record for the longest return (86 yards against the Saints in 2001). ``I couldn't calm myself down before the game. After a play like that, I think my [heart rate] went off the charts