Freeman picked for six
The Tampa Tribune, published 3 December 2012

There might not have been a bigger play in Sunday's game than LB Von Miller's interception and 26-yard touchdown return in the third quarter.

With the Bucs already trying to mitigate the damage done by two Peyton Manning touchdown passes earlier in the quarter, QB Josh Freeman, while absorbing a hit from DT Mitch Unrein, tried to throw downfield to WR Vincent Jackson, who was running a go route but hardly seemed open.

"I thought I had a window to stick it in there, but it didn't play out," Freeman said. "The type of swing pick-sixes are, from a momentum standpoint, from a points standpoint, it's tough to overcome."

Miller's version was as follows: "It was just a basic zone-drop for us. I was able to drop back and I think Josh saw me at the last second. I was able to get my hands on it and get into the end zone. Great blocking by my teammates, too."

In the backfield, Freeman was under duress from Unrein, who had a rather easy path to the quarterback. "Actually, nobody even blocked me, so I had a free run to the quarterback," he said. "Luckily, I got a little pressure on him. I don't know if that caused him to throw it to Von or not."

The play put the Bucs three scores behind, 28-10, and proved the beginning of the end.