Galloway only getting better with age
When receiver Joey Galloway is approached with questions regarding his startling statistics, he often reacts by sticking an index finger in each ear to tune out the numbers talk. Well, at this rate, the numbers will soon be impossible to ignore.

Galloway, 34, surpassed his career-best mark for single-season yardage, increasing his total to 1,075 yards after catching five passes for 75 yards and a touchdown against the Saints. Galloway's most prolific season was in 1997 when he posted 1,049 yards for Seattle.
Kenyatta Walker was able to find humor in his false start in the second quarter. The ball was snapped on the play because players didn't hear the whistle, and the play resulted in an interception by Darren Howard , who tucked the ball and returned it to the end zone. But the play was ruled dead before the snap. That made Walker something of a hero.

"They probably won't say anything to me about that one," Walker said of his coaches. "I was over there arguing with the ref saying, "I jumped, I jumped!' Things happen for a reason. If I didn't jump offside, it would have been a touchdown."

Not bad for a guy in his 11th season. And who knows what the rest of the season will bring? The Bucs have four regular-season games remaining, giving Galloway a chance at Mark Carrier 's franchise single-season record of 1,422 yards.

Galloway continued to show his connection with quarterback Chris Simms as the two hooked up for their fourth touchdown in Simms' six starts. With 4:44 left in the second quarter, Galloway blew by Saints cornerback Fakhir Brown and caught the ball on a slant, shook a tackle and walked into the end zone. "I'm one-on-one with the corner and I think it's my job to win that battle," Galloway said of his 30-yard score. "Simms is playing above anything I think we planned at this point. I don't know what he saw (on the touchdown), but he did tell me he got hit. If he did, he made a tremendous play."

It was Galloway's 14th touchdown in 17 games and eighth of the season, tying the franchise record for a receiver.

Stephen Holder , The St.Petersburg Times 5 December 2005