Mike Williams, passer?
The Tampa Tribune, published 26 November 2012

Buc coaches keep pushing the envelope and WR Mike Williams delivered the mail Sunday with a 28-yard pass to WR Vincent Jackson.

"Today was my first attempt,'' Williams said. "All through the season, we play around in practice, throwing the ball around. We drew the play up and we've had it since the first week. Actually, when (QB Josh Freeman) called it up in the huddle, I was shocked.''

Williams lined up on the left side and took Freeman's lateral pass before finding Jackson running open downfield. If Jackson hadn't been forced to slow down to make the reception, he could have scored easily.

"It was a double pass and it was wide open,'' Williams said. "It's kind of my fault. I was trying to lead him a little bit and I didn't want to overthrow him.''