Did Bucs offense get too conservative? Bryant says yes
Stephen Holder, The St.Petersburg Times, published 30 November 2009

The Bucs started quicker than usual on offense, getting things going in the first half. They had 129 total yards in the second quarter alone.

After halftime, it could argued the playcalling got a bit conservative -- with the obvious exception being the head-scratcher call on the failed fake punt. It wasn't that the Bucs didn't try throwing the ball. But they certainly didn't try returning to what worked so well in the first half: the deep ball.

Don't think WR Antonio Bryant, who caught a 38- and 42-yard passes on consecutive plays in the second quarter -- didn't notice. "Last year, I came out here (in Atlanta) and had 100 yards in the first half," Bryant said. "This year, two catches, 80 yards in the first half. In the second half, itís like, ĎCome on!í

"Look, man, when you get the ball, those are the results you get. Look, Roddy White dropped balls, (Michael Jenkins) dropped balls. I got four attempts and still came up big. I have to make everything count because obviously, something ainít right."

Bryant suggested in no uncertain terms that offensive coordinator Greg Olson should trust QB Josh Freeman to make more downfield plays in a game like today's, when the lead was never more than seven points.

"We have to go and trust our guy a little more," Bryant said. "He has the talent. On a 1-10 team, youíve got to go. . . Youíve sat here and seen this man make every throw an NFL quarterback could possibly make the first time he got in against Green Bay. When you have guys there, you have to put your foot on their neck and just stomp."