Could the Bucs' misjudgments lead to more at the trade deadline?
Rick Stroud, Tampa Bay Times, published 28 October 2019

Shortly after the Bucs blew another game, this time losing 27-23 Sunday to the Tennessee Titans, Bucs coach Bruce Arians was asked, with the trade deadline looming Tuesday, if it was time to focus on next year. Foresight is 2020.

"No, I don't play for next year,'' Arians said loudly. "Are you guaranteed next year? I'm not. I'm going to try to win every damn game we play. So I don't give a (expletive) about next year and you can write that any way you want it. I don't give a (expletive) about trades.''

At 2-5 following their third straight loss, the Bucs have about a 1 in 20 chance of making the playoffs. But if Arians doesn't want to hear about that snap judgment, how about some from Sunday's game?

Snap judgment No. 1
Needing a touchdown to win and facing fourth down and a long 1 yard at the Titans' 32, the Bucs called an inside run to Peyton Barber that lost a yard. Never mind that a week earlier, the Titans had twice denied Chargers running back Melvin Gordon from the 1-yard line, forcing a fumble to win the game. Or that earlier this season against the Giants, Barber was stopped for no gain on third and 1 and the Bucs settled for a field goal and a 31-25 lead with six minutes before losing 32-31.

This time, Bucs quarterback Jameis Winston could've checked to a pass, but the Titans coverage dictated they run the football. Barber was met in the backfield immediately. "We weren't on the goal line, they were in a totally different defense,'' Arians said. "We had a pass called and they were playing man-to-man and we didn't block the backside. It was a run-pass play, both of them was (sic) called. If one thing showed, we throw the ball and another thing showed we run the ball.''

Winston said he didn't like the coverage on his stacked receivers to the left. "It's a pass option, too,'' Winston said. "Everybody was pressed to the left so we handed the ball off. We've got to get it. We've got to find a way to get it. It's fourth-and-(1) for the game. … They loaded the box. We thought we had a good play on and they hit the gap.''

Winston said had they called a pass play, they would've had a better chance of getting the first down. "If we had called it, our odds would've been better but we called a run play so we've got to do our best to execute the run game.''

Snap judgment No. 2
Mike Evans made his 432nd career catch Sunday, surpassing James Wilder (430) as the Bucs career leader. For the game he had 11 catches for 198 yards and two touchdowns. But he didn't have a single target in the fourth quarter.

"I didn't get a target in the fourth quarter?'' Evans asked. "Oof. Hmm. Yeah, it hurts. They were playing a lot of man coverage in this game, too. They played a lot of two man and cover two in the second half, but I made plays against that coverage early on. Just how football goes I guess.''

Arians said the Titans rotated coverage to Evans but his receiver wasn't buying it. "Even when I'm covered I think I'm open,'' Evans said. "I'm a 6-5 receiver.'' Winston had no good explanation for Evans being shut out in the fourth quarter.