Locker Room quotes
The St.Petersburg Times, published 12 October 1981

For Tampa Bay coach John McKay: What was the key to shutting down Green Bay's passing game?
Once we got a lead, we wanted to stay back in a zone. Let them come to us. You're going to get interceptions when that happens.

Again for McKay: Are you relieved the third-quarter jinx that has plagued the Bucs is over?
We didn't think there was any jinx. We just went out to play. We decided not to horse around.

Again for McKay: Did you disagree with the official's ruling that James Wilder caught the ball on the big fumble?
I didn't think he had control of the football. It would have been a helluva catch.

Again for McKay: Could you see the game slipping i away early in the fourth quarter?
No, I didn't think they were gonna get that many points. After the pass to Wilder and the penalty (a facemask call against Mike Washington), we kind of pulled in our horns and said they were gonna have to beat us. We were not gonna beat ourselves.

Once more for McKay: Was this an important game to win at the beginning of a three-game road trip?
This was the important game. It puts us 4-2 and 3-1 against our natural (division) rivals.

For Tampa Bay cornerback Norris Thomas: Did John Jefferson's pre-game antics have any effect on you?
Yes. J.J. coming out doing those cartwheels tends to make you want to play. Going against a good wide receiver is okay, but a hotdog doesn't mix well.

For Tampa Bay safety Neal Colzie: How did the secondary plan to guard Jefferson and James Lofton?
We went in saying we were not gonna play people. We would just stay in our regular zone defense.

For Tampa Bay linebacker Cecil Johnson: How were you able to make your interception?
J.J. was going out, and he ran a curl behind Andy Hawkins. Andy had him covered, then J.J. got about three steps on him. Dickey just threw the ball in there. I moved in front of J.J. Dickey didn't see me.

Again for Johnson: Were you disappointed that you did not get the touchdown?
I thought I did. I was definitely upset about that. The referee put it on the one-inch line.

For Tampa Bay quarterback Doug Williams: Why did your passes to Jimmie Giles work so well?
Jimmie did a great job of getting away from their line- backer. (John) Anderson was on him quite a bit. Jimmie just fought him off He's big and he's agile.

Again for Williams: What do you think about TV broadcaster Brent Musberger (one of Williams' critics) complimenting you on the air Sunday?
Tell him I said thank you.

For Tampa Bay linebacker David Lewis: How did you sprain your ankle?
It was before the game in warm-ups. My left foot got caught up in the mud or something.

Again for Lewis: Do you think you are jinxed this season?
I can't be any more jinxed than I am now.

For Green Bay coach Bart Starr: What happened?
We had too many mistakes. Too many big plays on their part.

Again for Starr: Did you consider pulling out quarterback Lynn Dickey after so many interceptions?
With the exception of the interception by Cecil Johnson, which was a setback, the others were just slightly off or tipped. You don't change your quarterback because of that. Dickey was not as good as he had been. It was a very up-and- down game by his standards. But I don't think this is Jump On Lynn Dickey day.

Again for Starr: What was the big play against you?
The interception by Cecil Johnson hurt us. It was a big play for them and a disastrous play for us.

Once more for Starr: Did you miss offensive tackle Mark Koncar?
We didn't. I thought our people we had in there (on the offensive line) played well.

For Bucs offensive tackle Dave Reavis: There is high jubilation in this Tampa Bay dressing room. Have you heard this before?
I haven't heard this since 1979 (when the Bucs won the NFC Central Division). Even with Lee Roy Selmon, Dewey Selmon and David Lewis hurt, we played an all-around good game. You can see the depth developing.

Again for Reavis: You limped off the field with an injured knee. How is it?
Okay. Just a bruise.

For Bucs linebacker Dana Nafziger: Your pass coverage seems so improved from 1980. What's going on?
For one thing, the linebackers are reading receivers more. Instead of sitting back in our zone, we're reacting tc moves by the quarterback and his receivers.

For Bucs offensive tackle Charley Hannah: What did you think of the officials' call on an alleged fumble by James Wilder that almost go Green Bay back into the game?