Caddy catching on
Stephen F Holder, The St.Petersburg Times, published 25 October 2010

Once, the fact Cadillac Williams caught the game-winning touchdown pass would have sounded strange.

Rarely considered a receiving option in the red zone earlier in his career, he caught his first three touchdowns last season, in his fifth year as a pro. Now, he's on pace to exceed his career-high 30 receptions (in 2006) after catching eight passes for 34 yards on Sunday against the Rams, giving him 23 this season.

It was the third time in 2010 that Williams has led or tied the club for receptions, and he hopes there are more to come.

"That's something that I've worked hard on and I definitely have a knack for doing, getting involved in the passing game and picking up blitzes," Williams said. "So it's no surprise that I was out there catching balls and being more involved in the passing game."

It remains to be seen what happens with the roles in the backfield given LeGarrette Blount's breakout performance on Sunday (72 yards on 11 carries). But if Blount takes a larger share of the carries, Williams certainly seems capable of handling the role of third-down back given his ability to catch the ball and make plays in the open field.

As a young player, even during his record-setting rookie campaign, Williams was seen as a player who didn't have the surest hands. It's a reputation he detests, and is determined to prove is undeserved.

"I am better at it, but I can also say that I'm getting more opportunities in the passing game," Williams said. "People ask me, 'Why do they say you have bad hands?' Guys see me catch in practice and they say, 'Hey, you have pretty good hands.' It's kind of a stigma."