Bucs mess just canít end well
Martin Fennelly, The Tampa Tribune, published 14 October 2013

And then there was the game ... Games seem almost afterthoughts at this point, secondary to the galaxy of chaos where they live, far out in space, 0-5 seemingly weightless. Only 0-5 isnít weightless. Itís the reality. Itís why Greg Schiano will have to go. Start the clock.

0-5 is the reality. So are 10 losses during the past 11 games across two seasons. Throw in six consecutive home losses after an average Eagles team beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31-20 on Sunday. This wonít, and shouldnít, end well for the head coach. Or Bucs general manager Mark Dominik. Thatís the reality. Itís a debacle.

I exclude the MRSA mess, which is no laughing matter. Schianoís record, thatís a laughing matter. He canít survive 0-8 if it gets that bad. Iíd call this a circus, but Iíve stopped doing that out of fear of litigation that actual circuses might consider it libelous to be compared with the Bucs. Hey, donít think guys with seltzer bottles donít have lawyers. Itís the swirl that never ends.

Another Sunday, another Schiano rumor, this time that the NFLPA thinks Schiano is the one who leaked Josh Freemanís medical information. I donít believe that. Schiano isnít evil. Heís just a college coach in over his head. Also, if that rumor was true, Schiano would have been fired by the Glazers, on the spot, right? Right? ďWeíre not afraid of an investigation,Ē Dominik said Sunday.

What Dominik should fear is an investigation into his record as GM: 24-45. Greg Schiano is 7-14. Thatís the reality. This season didnít even need MRSA to turn into the Andromeda Strain. Still, is it really a good thing when a TV camera guy is wearing gloves into your locker room Sunday because he has an open cut on a finger?

Is it really a good thing when Lawrence Tynesí wife is sending a get-well tweet to Carl Nicks? Or when you have the guy from my new favorite acronym, DICON? And then there are the games. All that money spent, all that talent acquired, all these shiny new toys, and this franchise has gone and made messy in its pants.

All the Bucs have are losses and rules, rules and losses, and thatís on Shawshank Schiano. I donít see how he lasts the season. Whereís the hope right now, Mike Glennon or no Mike Glennon? Where? Maybe Dave Wannstedt and Butch Davis can flip a coin to see who finishes it out.

Sounds crazy, I know. But what kind of crazy hasnít happened with this franchise? ďIím confused, too,Ē Bucs defensive tackle Gerald McCoy said. ďI donít know. We have eight (Pro Bowlers), I think. I donít know. I just get paid to play. I donít know.Ē

The Bucs have a $96 million defensive back, Darrelle Revis, and theyíre 0-5. Revis was asked about his head coachís future. ďI really donít know,Ē Revis said. ďThat canít be my focus. That canít be the teamís focus right now. We canít control what management does. Management is going to do whatís best for the organization. At the same time, weíve still got a season to play.Ē

Whatever happened to ... ďThatís crazy. Get out of here.Ē The Bucs are lost, and thereís no coming back, not with this coach, who canít win close games (0-6 in ones decided by three points or fewer), is 1-0 against Josh Freeman, but now 0-2 against Nick Foles, and who demands trust from his players while not trusting them at all. At 0-5, or slightly beyond, is about when treating grown men as children begins to boomerang.

The Glazers must be beside themselves, which means there are now two Eds. Iím sure they donít want to make a change midstream, pay two head coaches at once. Theyíve traveled that road. They wonít have a choice at this rate. This franchise is a mess. And then there are the games.