Five topics suitable for inane debate on talk radio
John Romano, The St.Petersburg Times, published 28 September 2009

1. Wile E. Coyote had more success: The Bucs have now played 180 minutes. They have been behind for about 86 percent of the time. The score has been tied about 9 percent, and the Bucs have led about 5 percent. Remember the 7-6 lead in the second quarter against Dallas? Yup, those were the good ol' minutes.

2. Anyone have Jeff Jagodzinski's number? The Bucs went three-and-out on four drives in the first half. And those were the successful possessions. Of their 36 offensive plays in the game, 22 went for zero or negative yardage.

3. Get ready for blackouts: Tough call for the Glazers. Do you keep fudging ticket sales so you avoid TV blackouts, or are you better off hiding this team from as many people as possible?

4. These Bucs stop with him: It's far too soon to say whether he will make it as a head coach in the NFL, but Raheem Morris has some admirable qualities for the job. He is 0-3, but he is not making excuses and he is not panicking. Given the chance to kick a field goal in the fourth quarter to avoid a shutout, he chose to go for the touchdown. That is the sign of a coach with more integrity than ego.

5. The good news: With Detroit's win Sunday, Tampa Bay's historic 26-game losing streak is out of danger. At least for now. The Rams have lost 13 in a row, the Browns are up to nine, and well, well, well the Bucs (and the Chiefs) have seven-game losing streaks.

Five team mottos.
5. What Would Jon Do?
4. No excuses, no complaints, no first downs.
3. Snap, crackle, plop.
2. Better than Detroit.
1. Change we can bereave in.

Five worst Bucs shutouts
1. Dec. 1, 1985: Green Bay 21, Tampa Bay 0. The Snow Bowl. A foot of snow already on the ground and another 16 inches falling during the game. The Bucs had 65 yards of offense, and Steve Young has post-traumatic stress.

2. Nov. 27, 1977: Atlanta 17, Tampa Bay 0. The Bucs' 10th shutout in their first 25 games. Gary Huff and Randy Hedberg combined to complete 5 of 23 passes with four INTs. Offense gained 78 yards.

3. Sept. 27, 2009: New York 24, Tampa Bay 0. You could argue Sunday's game is the worst of the bunch because this is not an expansion team and the weather played a minimal role. A total of 86 yards, including 51 on the final drive.

4. Dec. 5, 1976: Pittsburgh 42, Tampa Bay 0. Bucs start Terry Hanratty against his former team. Doesn't work. He has one completion, one interception and minus-1 yard passing.

5. Dec. 14, 1991: Chicago 27, Tampa Bay 0. Phil Krueger as GM, Richard Williamson as head coach and Jeff Carlson as quarterback. Need we say more?

Final five words
Draft is 206 days away.