Take your time, Freeman
Stephen F Holder, The St.Petersburg Times, published 19 September 2011

Did you notice all the time Bucs QB Josh Freeman had to throw in the second half? After spending much of the first half under duress and getting sacked twice Freeman had room to work in the second half because of a refocused effort by the offensive line.

Communication issues in the noisy Metrodome were resolved, and other adjustments made at halftime helped eliminate miscues that left Freeman under pressure.

"Things came together, and we got our communication down," RT Jeremy Trueblood said. "There were some things in there that we had to straighten out. Once that was all settled, we were good.

"Actually, the sack where (DE Everson Griffen) wasn't blocked, that was a miscommunication. We were running a different play than the running back. The good thing is we can fix those things."

Being able to sit comfortably in the pocket despite the presence of a top-flight pass rusher such as Vikings DE Jared Allen enabled Freeman to throw the ball downfield more, allowing time for longer routes to develop.

"(The Vikings) had a good blitz package coming in and a good (method) of getting pressure up front," Freeman said. "We just made a couple of adjustments. Next week, we have to adjust faster. But we got it done in time and got the win. It's great to see guys make a halftime adjustment and come out and execute so well in the second half."