What Jon Gruden had to say
Scott Smith, Buccaneers.com, published 15 September 2008

I'm very proud of our team it was a hard fought game. Joey Galloway hurt his ankle. Well update that later. Aqib Talib had a hamstring. We had a lot of penalties today, we have to address that; an area we have to stay away from to be a factor in this league. Clearly, we were able to overcome those. I thought our defense played extremely well.

On today's pass rush
When you are behind two scores and you get them behind in the down and distance, that was our goal to try to stop the run, get some second and eights, nines and hopefully some third and longs, where we can unleash a pass rush. I thought our guys got some good looks today and got some things done.

On Brian Griese's play
He managed the game. In his first start back here, he won the game as a starter. That is a big compliment in pro football. I thought he missed some guys that he normally hits, but he managed the football game and made some timely plays on third down. I think he will get better and better.

On if Griese is now the starter
I am going to talk to both guys (Griese and Jeff Garcia) before I say anything. I think I need to do that. I think Brian Griese is a good quarterback. If we can get him some help and stay away from multiple penalties, I think he can play a lot better.

On third down production
We got some early third down conversions. I thought we were a bit sluggish in the second half, and a lot of it had to do with negative field position and penalties. We had some holding calls on receivers and offensive linemen. When you get third down and 12 or 13, and you are backed up on your own end with a two score lead, you have a tendency to get a little conservative. Griese made some plays particularly in the first half to keep some things alive.

On the play of John Gilmore
I dont want John to get confused with his role. He is an outstanding tight end. We had a play where we had an all go, where we got him down the seam. Brian did a nice job looking off the safety; it was a heck of a throw and a really nice play by John. Hes a good addition to the team. I think some of the things he does wont show up on the stat sheet, as a blocker and special teams performer. Hes going to be one tired guy tonight. I am proud of him.

On Derrick Brooks play today
I just want to tip my hat to all the Buccaneer fans for Derrick Brooks. They need to know what he did today for our team. Geno Hayes practiced to prepare to play a lot today. I am sure he is pretty disappointed that he did not get the playing time that he looked forward to. When you have an opportunity to see what Derrick Brooks did behind the scenes to play and today, I will reserve comment on Geno Hayes until next week. I will just talk about our captain and I am really proud of Derrick Brooks.