What Jon Gruden had to say after the game
Rick Stroud, The St.Petersburg Times, published 8 September 2008

On the injury to Derrick Brooks
"We had to burn a timeout or two here or there because of our personnel. We had guys coming and going throughout the game. Maurice Stovall went out early. There were several guys that their status changed during the game. I can only update you later when we get information. Obviously, Derrick is a big part of Buccaneer football."

On the Bucs defense
"They made big plays. The reason that we haven't given up a lot of yards historically is that we don't give up the explosive plays, and they were able to get a couple big ones today. The opening drive, they got a big one for the first touchdown. I credit them. They are an explosive team on this (artificial) surface."

On the play of Jeff Garcia
"I think there were some opportunities there with some routine plays that he normally makes. Some third-down plays particularly in the game. I'll take a look at the tape. There were some good. There were some that, obviously, were a bit uncharacteristic. He's a great competitor."

On the third-down struggles
"It's my bad. It's obviously bad coaching. There were some plays that we normally routinely make, a couple of shallow crosses." Saints: Sean Payton

On Reggie Bush
"He's had a great offseason. When I hear people critique him and they lump 2006 in there, it tells me a little bit about the person critiquing him because he had an outstanding year two years ago. He's looking to get back in stride. I thought he was dynamic today. He changed the game around in a few situations."

On Jeremy Shockey's first game
"He came up with some awful big third-down completions. It took us a while to get him touches early in the game. We got him a few, but somewhere in the third quarter, he came up with a couple of big third-down receptions for us."

On containing Joey Galloway
"I thought our technique was good. We did a good job of staying on top of the over routes, and we kind of challenged them this week. We heard a lot of talk about this 'White Tiger,' so we kind of challenged our guys on the back end, and I thought they responded very well."

On the play of Drew Brees
"I thought he hung in there and played with poise. The big play to Devery (Henderson) was with him not being the primary (receiver), and he does a great job if he feels the defense jumps a little bit and he has a free play."